i promised better pictures of riley, and here are some...he's a very good model and attack kitten.

notice pierre has already given him a scratch on the nose!

check out the teeth! i love how much he'll tolerate me taking his picture.

fred was on the chair above us getting very annoyed with the camera.

we're keeping riley, if you can't tell...pierre and riley are such great pals.

if by chance anyone wants to see more pictures of riley or to see more of fred telling us how mad she is, just hop on over to my flickr page...
fred is in the "babies" set and riley has a set of his own. plus you can check out my unedited pics from my recent nyc trip. i haven't even organized them yet!

also, please keep justin and i in your prayers as we're looking for a new residence. my mom has decided to sell, and has given us a months time to vacate. also pray for justin as he's going through interviews with possible new jobs in his field of programming.. this is a very volatile time for us and its definitly pointing me to the Lord's grace as i need it more and more. thank goodness He shows me His mercy in all of this. i'm so glad that i have Him...i don't know how those who are unsaved and know nothing of His grace can handle situations like this. if i didn't have Him to lean on, i'd be crazy! well, crazier than i already am, you know.


Lista said...

First of all, you'd better watch out or I'll come steal that beast of yours. He is the cutest thing ever! Second, I'll be praying for you. Third, you could always move to Tulsa. Hint, hint.

Christina said...

Super cute kitty. I still think you should eventually name one "Bale" just for old times sake.

I'm praying for you lots and love you even more.

Grace said...

I remember some similarly volatile times of change in Brandon and mine's life. When we leave the outcome in His hands and submit to His will, He always proves Himself gracious and faithful beyond measure.

(cute kitty-almost makes me forget how mad I am at mine for peeing on my new carpet!)