great is His faithfulness...

upon finding out that we needed to find a new place to live, justin immediately set out applying for jobs. he'd been delivering pizzas on weekends and going to school very full time. unfortunately, with our money situation about to get much worse, he had to make the difficult transition into full time work AND school. he applied for about nine positions in one evening after completing his resume.

his first interview was scheduled for the following monday and then two more were scheduled for the next week. the first interview went extremely well. it was a real job with real benefits and salary. grownup stuff. scary. and as scary as it seemed, he wanted it anyway.

everything was discussed in the interview except for pay. the interviewer (head of the applications development team) simply told justin that he and his wife needed to discuss it, pray about it, whatever we needed to do to figure out how much money we needed.

that gave me a good feeling. that he would even mention praying about it sounded promising. and we did pray. all we needed was enough to get by. pay bills, get out of the hole, owe no man anything.

as part of the interview process, justin was given a project to complete and turn in as evidence of his experience in the programming languages being used. he completed it and turned it in the night before his second interview.

the second interview was with a placement agency strictly for programmers. the interviewer said that currently there were no positions available but if justin had no luck with the first job choice, he'd keep justin in queue for something.

just as justin got home, he received an email from jamie at the first place requesting a second interview.

i'd been praying that the Lord would simply let His will be done. I had no idea what would be good in this situation, only He did. justin called me and told me about the next interview and that he was going in straightaway. i starting praying and praying and praying. i wanted him to get this job. but i only wanted it if it was the Lords will...

he got the job!!!!! i'm soooooooooo excited. God is so good to us. this is above and beyond what we could have hoped for. all i asked the Lord for was what i needed. He is so good to provide things that are extra. i couldn't help but sing the song "great is thy faithfulness" in my head all evening after i got the call. I am continually amazed at the nature of my Heavenly Father. i know i shouldn't be, but its difficult considering my nature. even as i was trusting him in the job situation i was simultaneously worrying about the money for groceries once our rent went up.

i am such a silly one to worry about these things. i am worth more than sparrows to Him. they have everything they need. shouldn't i know i have much more than i need and i don't have to worry? its against Him in every way to worry as it is doubting his sovereignty. but such is my human nature. He is gracious, however, in teaching me slowly (as i am slow to learn) that He will provide. and that He has.

and while i know that i'm just trading some old problems in for new ones, my new prayer is one of thankfulness. also for wisdom and stewardship of what He's given me. i would hate to throw what He's given me in His face by going crazy.

last night in the car on the way home from buying shirts and slacks and work necessities i told justin i was scared for him. he asked me why.... "now you're going to have to pretend to be grown up."


dave & rachel said...

Thanks for sharing! That was encouraging. It is neat to see God work and to know you are in His will.

Christina said...

I am so excited for both of you! The Lord truely does know what we need even before we do, and He provides above and beyond what we even know to ask for. I'll keep praying for you guys as Justin starts this new journey into "adulthood" and as you two continue to search for a place to live.

Lista said...

Tell Justin not to pretend too might stick! Still praying that you'll find a groovy pad soon!

Michelle said...

That is so exciting! I personally have been through that experience and know that it brings you closer to the Lord. He really does know what we need and is looking out for us!

Amy said...

Grownup jobs are really scary, but the benefits will be worth it. :) Also, there's nothing cooler than being paid while being on vacation... although he may be busy studying and taking classes, but, hey, getting paid to take time off is mind bogglingly awesome.

The Almighty Betherson "Ninja" said...

ooh bogglingly is a super word!