man kids have the coolest toys to choose from now!! i want nearly all of them!  

(its sad.)  i'm 27. i watch lots and lots of cartoons.  i love them!  and during the commercials, i see all the cool new toys!  like zubber....okay, i would have had a heart attack to get something like that way back when.  i'd love to get it now.  and those stickers that you put foil on?  how cool is that?  if i had kids, they'd probably be mad cause i'd want to play with all their stuff and i'd use it all up!  

on an unrelated note, i just finished reading a book for the first time in i don't know how long.  i've attempted to read many books in the last year or so, and i've never been able to finish them.  none of them have been interesting enough to just sit down and finish.  (actually, i just now remember that i did read an entire book several months ago.  but i won't count that one.)

this one is a recent classic of 1959.  it is shirley jackson's the haunting of hill house.  if you saw the movie "house on haunted hill"  its not even close to the book, besides the characters traits and an occasional line from the house keeper. the movie was a bust in my opinion.  but the book is worth a read.  

on a note more related to the beginning of this post, spongebob is on, so i'll take my leave. 


Christina said...

Is there some sort of rule that I haven't been made aware of that says you're not allowed to play with toys?