since september? really? okay okay so i've been putting it off. course like anything one puts off, the further one gets behind. then its nearly impossible to ever catch up. so i can't catch up. i admit defeat. i'll just start from here. here's a brief synopsis of what happened september to now:

justin celebrated his 29th birthday. actually, he didn't, i and some close friend did by throwing a small party.
justin and i went to nyc for our first vacation together since our honeymoon. we were there for a little over a week. you can look at all of our pictures (that i've uploaded) on flickr.

i got older. i vaguely remember someone saying i turned 27. yikes.
thanksgiving happened. we went the weekend before to my grandma's and visited with my aunt and uncle and cousins. it was so nice to do something like we did back when i was 1o.
all of us cousins got blankets and watched "hook" like we used to in the living room. the only thing that changed was that half of us fell asleep during the movie. darn getting old.

wow. where to begin.
my sister in law turned 21. i threw a big party for her with the guy she's now dating.
john came home for a visit for about two weeks. previously mentioned family came down for a weekend to visit.
after two years at our north office, i transferred to our south office. its more of a drive, but worth it. i left contact lens administration behind forever and started scribing for the doctor. much much much much more interesting.
jill and jd came into town. i spent nearly everyday after work either visiting with jill or with my family. my entire house fell into disarray except for when i put up our decorations. and that didn't last long.
i ended the days of multiple celebrations with families for holidays. we spent christmas eve with justin's family, and christmas day with mine. we'll probably switch next year. same thing with thanksgiving. thank goodness we don't have kids. otherwise i'm told that would be impossible. we're considering going out of town on vacation next year. also impossible with children i hear.

seriously. i slept an entire weekend when it was all said and done.
then school started on the sixth. i'm not in school, i'm teaching it. crazy. the doctor i work for started "the oklahoma eye institute." it was awesome that i got to decide to cancel class yesterday. i actually called it in to the news stations too....hehe oh the power. in reality, i've only got two students. but that's good, considering its the first time i've ever taught. poor sods, i'm learning on them. you can check out the old website if you want to.
actually, if we get a few more students next class, then i'll be able to stop working at the office to make up the remainder of my hours. its very tiring . class is 8-1 monday through friday. i have to work usually two or three days 2-7 and then every other week i work a saturday all day. so that's six days a week. plus i'm trying to go work out. plus i'm trying to go to church. i don't know how you people with kids survive!!!

okay, speaking of school, i'm going to brave the icy roads tomorrow morning so that i can have class. i now understand why school systems and teachers dislike having class cancelled. i have so much to teach, and so little time!


Christina said...

Should I consider this my email?

You are busy, and having kids just makes you a different kind of busy. You sound like you're doing just fine on lack of sleep without kiddos, though =)

The teaching is very exciting. I'm hoping that you love it and that the classes pick up and you're able to do just that. Will you be teaching through the summer, too? I'm assuming so.

I must bring you here this summer. Don't work out too much, then I won't be able to make fun of you in a swimsuit, and where's the fun in that?