Ode to My Jill (best viewed on anything BUT mozilla)

It occurs to me that there is not nearly enough of jill on here. i shall remedy this fact. So here goes, the "ode" of sorts to my jill...

i met jill my sophomore year of highschool. she was a year ahead of me, still is, i never let her forget it. except for that two week period where we're the same age. but i digress...

since meeting, we've been pretty much inseperable. if you don't count her living in wilburton, talequa, boston, tulsa, dallas and new york city as separation- i mean, we don't.

we both have a little bit of a thing for cinnamon dulce lattes at starbucks. we consume more than is possibly healthy on a routine basis when around each other, which greatly contributes to our "less than adult" behavoir. or does it? some would argue that we don't need such fuel, for it the behavoir comes from within us- that there is no such need for any such catalyst. some are pretty much right.

here is an example. jill lives in nyc. i went to visit. we did some touristy things. touristy childish things. you would think a five year old would put on the hat and turn the fake wheels. no. we did. and we're proud. we got candy. it went well with our coffee(S).

that first year we met, we were volunteering for NHS by gift wrapping at the mall. i don't remember if we were done or if we were on a break, but jill suggested that we get our pictures taken with santa. it had started. the first of many traditions. this past christmas (when i went to visit) we had our picture taken with santa for the TENTH YEAR IN A ROW. now, i capitalize that because i've never been able to say i've done something for ten years straight and it sorta makes me feel old. hah. sorta? it really does. the good thing is that i counterbalance that feeling with what i actually have done for all those ten years. pictures with santa in matching outfits with my best friend after drinking lots of sugary coffee does not count as old. and we don't intend on stopping this tradion any time soon.

one of these days i'll put a post up that shows all ten years.

jill is one person that i know i can say absolutely anything to and she won't think less of me for it. she understands me and has such a way of making me feel comfortable. when i got married, she'd already been married for three years. i was so relieved to find that the struggles i was having in my first year were not crazy and that she'd felt like i did in many situations.

we've crossed many bridges in our friendship (pun intended). i still remember the time she'd just come from chemo and we'd met for lunch and i told her that i didn't think that she and jd should get married. it made her cry. jd just said that he appreciated my input. tense moment. but i knew we had the bond that wouldn't be weakened by my opinion, and i felt i couldn't not tell her. they did, in fact, still get married despite what i said, and i can tell you that i've never been happier to be wrong. in november they'll be celebrating their sixth anniversary. they've been together through thick and thin. cancer, law school, a million moves. i admire their ability to get along and work through issues. even more, i appreciate the invaluable knowledge that jill is learning in her marriage and then passing along to me.

the next couple of pictures are from her 27th birthday, dec 4 in nyc, first at nobu sushi for lunch when we met up with jd on his lunch break and then at the bubble lounge where jd had organised a small gathering for friends to celebrate.

here she is undoubtably telling some story about something. undoubtably.

she has the uncanny ability to make friends very quickly in any situation and to bring fun into everything. she's definitly taught me to be myself even more than i thought possible. of course, some may seek out her destruction for this fact, but what can i do?

when jd graduated law school, they went on a trip to italy. this was my favorite of all her pictures. and there were a ton!

here are a couple more pictures of my jill. some of you have met her, and of course love her. some of you have never met her, but who knows, that may change. she is, afterall, my cohort in taking over the world... :)

i loves me my jill


Brooke said...

When I read the line about you guys taking over the world, I immediately began singing "Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain". It was totally involuntary. Must be a sign.

Lista said...

Aw, so cute!! Tell Jill hi for me! I've been bad about keeping up with her via myspace.

Christina said...

How do you love Jilly? There are to many ways to count. I love you too, Jill! I loved you first for loving my Bethy, and then once I got to know you I just loved you for being you.

The Almighty Betherson "Ninja" said...

you know, i should probably mention that the mystery woman in several of those pictures is lacey. lacey completes our three headed monster. she lives here in okc for the time being, but is planning on moving to nyc. then it'll be my turn. hah. i wish. maybe if i were not married.
lacey is a local celebrity of sorts. she has her own show on one of our biggest radio stations and is also the host of the travel show on . woo! i advertise! ;)