i love my babies

murphie got spayed on wednesday. she was still in season due to cystic ovaries, so we had to pay double the amount, but it was a good thing we got that caught. the vet said that was why she was constantly in season. drove me crazy, but it was never as bad as the time she had to wear diapers. i can tell she's not feeling to well, and i feel bad. but there's nothing i can do. weirdly enough, she's decided that she must have her ball with her at all times. even in bed at night. it has a bell. fun times.
our next door neighbors have dogs that stay outside all the time. they're not extremely well cared for, but they're not suffering either. they have fleas. so do our dogs now. well, not murphie, she got that taken care of at the vet. poor william, however, is a scratchin' fool. he's still a happy guy, and LOVES the fan that we put on the patio to help with the heat during the day. we also finally got a weedeater to help with the yard. we dont' have the money for a lawnmower at the moment, but we dont' really have much grass in our small yards to justify buying one. a weedeater will suffice. we found one for $9 at home depot! its obviously not the best of the best, but i don't care, it was nine dollars!! that will help with the fleas too, when we spray the yard. we're going to also frontline everybody. maybe me and justin too, as the fleas may switch to us when there's nothing to eat. the weird thing is, is when i talked to the vet and he told me murphie had fleas, he told me if i put on white socks and walked around, i'd have little black dots on my socks. those are fleas he said. also to put a white sock on my hand and run it under the bed and i'd find them there too. i wear white socks nearly every day (i know, not what i used to wear!) and i don't see them anywhere. the way he talked, i should be infested. i haven't seen a single flea. i guess murphie had most of them? i dunno, but i know william has them since murphie does not.
while typing that paragraph, i looked up to see piere leaning on my remaining floor lamp and in slow motion i yelled "NO!" as it came crashing to the ground. i just spent about half an hour cleaning up glass. tiny tiny shards too. and its my remaining lamp because he's done it before. at our other place. grrr. i guess i'm not destined for nice floor lamps.
so i was going to say something nice about piere. but he's now on my poo list. its a good thing he's so cute and cuddly or he'd be sleeping in the laundry room tonight.
okay, something nice: piere has recently taken up a new napping position on the floor. i don't know what started it, but he likes it. weirdo.

i had an extra bag of cat food in the cabinets above the washer and dryer. the kitty and piere have been snacking on it lately. it was too cute to cut out immediately. but it has since been removed and put with the rest of their food in the plastic bin i've got. no more extra snacking for the two lards i've got. the kitty is well, he's still an grumpy old man and he's still fat. we still love him though.
riley is the same. cute and photogenic as ever. still a bit wild at times, but makes a habit of coming to visit me and sit in my lap for about two minutes every day. i love it!
last but not least, we have fred. the reclusive, elusive fred. occassionally she graces us with her presence and we have to photograph the moment so that we can remember what she looks like. okay, so she's not nearly as bad as she used to be, we usually see her early in the morning and late at night. usually when we're busy or ready to go to bed.

so that's it for now. stay tuned for more baby pictures in the future! i'll be uploading them to flickr soon.


Christina said...

Awww, poor Murphie. By the way, from now on I shall use the term "in season". It will just sound like I'm ripe.

Cute cute babies. Do you have too many? No? Good. William looks majestic. Is this why he is Lord William? Usually the fleas stay on the animals until they have a reason not to. If you frontline them everything will probably be fine. It kills the fleas within 12-24 hours, so they won't be looking for another place to live.

Which is the orange and white kitty? I'm so confused. Anywho, look at his crazy long claw. You do realize that he could destroy you with that, right?

I will have to call you and tell me my saga of cats. Meanwhile, my hubby is seriously considering getting doggy #2 so that crazy Jack can have someone to play with (not our reasoning in having a second child, by the way). In your experienced opinion, was doggy #2 a wise move?

Cute cute babies. Almost as cute as mine. And the labor was probably a lot less painful.

Lista said...

Aw, cute babies! Enjoy that Murphie bell! Sorry you had to pay so much for her spay!

My vet said the same thing about white socks, and I agree with you totally. I wear them all the time, and although our animals are COVERED in fleas and nothing we've tried yet has killed them, I never find them on my socks. I find them on my shirt after a cat gets up sometimes, but that's it. It must be a BAD year for fleas!

Glad you and Justin had a good evening! Love you bunches!

Michelle said...

I love seeing pictures of your babies even if I can't seem to keep up:) I don't feel so bad when I post pictures of my little "baby". And yes I am going to post sometime about 7 Random things Im still trying to think of them...