i promised pictures of murphie WAY here they are. murphie is the small beagle/terrier mutt and william is the big german shepherd mutt...they're so cute!

here they are being sweet...

and here is the epitome of william looks...big, dumb, lovable...he's so silly

here's murphie doing a belly crawl..she rarely does this and its so cute!

lord william buckley, esq.

the ball is about as big as she is!!

as you look at this next picture, imagine william's tail wagging so hard that his butt moves quickly from side to side...that's what he's doing there!!

i'm such a cat person, i never in a million years thought i could like two dogs so much!!


Christina said...

Hehehe. Your dogs look silly. Adorable, but silly. A couple of those pictures of Lord William look like those crazy pictures of the dogs with the giant eyes. Are they wild? They look like they have energy to burn!

marti said...

Animals are easy to love but they are easy to dislike too! After cleaning up so many messes, I am glad the dog - now, for the cat. I am constantly sweeping the floor to rid it of cat litter.

Christina said...

Mom - I think some people say the same thing about kids. *wink wink*

The Almighty Betherson "Ninja" said...

yes, they are all definitely messy..the dogs stay outside most of the time except for murphie. (she sleeps with us now, spoiled brat) but the cats make so many messes...litter is the constant, of course. and christina, this is why i don't need kids!!! :)

Michelle said...

how many pets do you have?:) your dogs are cute.

The Almighty Betherson "Ninja" said...

i have three cats (four if you count my mom's) and two dogs. in short, a zoo... :)