the beginning

so it hardly seems right that i start a blog considering i have no children with which to blah blah blah about, BUT i do have lots of ANIMALS!!!! so beware, you all have children, i will BOMBARD you with pictures of my babies! and you will love them as i must-er-of course love your children. as justin and i have no intention of having kids now or anytime in the near future, we have three cats and two dogs. and how, you ask, is that managed sanely? well i'm glad you asked. its not. one must clean the litter pan once a day. oh wait, that was singular. one must clean the litter panS once a day. although one is automatic, so occasionally i'm able to wait to tell justin to clean that one out till the next day. food and litter are serious expenses, but very much worth it. vet bills can be a pain, but eh, we survive.

"The Kitty" is the oldest of the bunch, and was originally justin's pet. i've fully adopted him now, but i can't help but feel a bit less loving to him than the cats that justin and i've gotten together. he's nice and all, but he's justin's cat. that's all there is to it. he's about 4 years old and by far the least problematic of the three.

fred was the first addition to our family. calista brought down two kittens, one for me and one for my mom. we kept the one that we thought was a boy and gave the other (that we thought was a girl) to my mom. turns out we were completely wrong, but we did in fact name her fred AFTER we knew she was a girl. i think its cute whatever anyone says.

then we stole pierre. yes, i pilfered a feline. he wasn't in a good place, living with drug dealers and such. but i did reap what i sowed when he began peeing all over the place and also broke his arm. about two thousand dollars in vet bills later, he has a pin in his arm and its healed completely, and he finally was fixed after three surgeries and no longer pees on things. for the most part. he is my favorite as he sleeps with me and cuddles me in the mornings. he's more than worth what we've paid for him.

justin had been bugging me relentlessly for a dog. we had lived in apartments for about a year and a half and there was no way i could handle a dog with three cats. but we moved back in with my mom to help her out, and it just happens that she has a HUGE backyard. i finally gave in and thus we adopted lord william buckley esq. he's a german shepherd mixed with who knows what. he's nearly a year old now, but so big that i forget a lot of the time that he's still a puppy.

then about three weeks ago, we got the latest addition. her name is murphie and she's a jack russel terrier/beagle mix (we think.) she's older than william, but not by a whole lot. she's so small that she can walk right under him to start gnawing on his knee. (can i say that a dog has a knee?) she's completely hyperactive, but at least william has a playmate. i'll take her to the vet next week most likely. unfortunately, i don't have any pictures uploaded from the camera yet. don't worry. it'll happen.

so now that everyone has been introduced to the vanzant babies, i feel i have accomplished fitting in. its late and i need to get into bed. so i'll try to keep up with this thing, and with christina on my back, i'm sure i'll make a half way decent attempt. but no promises! the end.


Christina said...

Cute babies. Except for the one that appears in the first and third picture. I haven't figured out what it is yet...a chimp? It's a little odd looking. I must say the others bear a striking resemblance to you. Especially William Buckley Esq.

Josh and Brooke said...

Beth, my love! Oh, how I've missed you!!! :o)

I love the quote by Jim Elliot! That is definitely a favorite of mine.

Grace said...

Yea Beth! So happy to have you. I look forward to being able to keep up.

Michelle said...

I love Murphy...hes so cute!

marti said...

My dear, you are quite mother! Don't know if I could do what you do! My how does Linda handle all that?!

Keep up the great blogging.