i've found the most wonderful website!  some of you may already know about it, sometimes i'm a little slow finding things!  justin and i are so busy most of the time we can't keep track of what's old and what's not. we're horrible about cleaning out the fridge till i'm gagging as the door closes.  course then its a full on over haul. 

and speaking of being busy, i've got another class starting monday.  i've got two for sure students and a possible third. (i've also got my dog thinking she's being sneaky in my lap right now...she thinks i dont' notice that she's inching toward my dinner)

i'm hopeful about these two students. being a vocational school of sorts, we get people with more baggage than an airport.  my last two students were a promising twenty year old with less than desireable transportation and no phone and a forty nine year old who was way over medicated, an insomniac and defined herself by her emotional troubles.   the older of the two has nearly finished her externship and should be looking for a job at this point. the younger, well, no one's heard from her after her first week and a half of externship. i fear there's no transportation, and that's horrible because she's such a smart, ambitious gal.  no one gets their certificate if they don't complete all their hours.  i like the teaching part, i'm not so fond of the social worker side of what i've been doing.  

anyway, the new two students, i've only met once, but i'm hopful.  one is a thirty-ish male, and the other is a fifty-ish female.  they seem like they've got it together, they just need something new.  maybe i'll have less social work to do this time...i can only hope.  

i've also decided that i'm going back to school.  i'm not sure exactly what my major will be, but i do plan on going to medical school.  its a long hard road, but i've been in the work force long enough that i don't want to be forty and work as a technician. so now, as opposed to when i was 18, i've got much more drive and a goal.  

after talking to my brother, things became much more resolved in my head.  he's in dental school, so i feel like i'll definitely have someone to help me on some of the tougher subjects, and someone to vent to when i'm taking 25 hours and going crazy. 

i'm excited though. i'm excited to finally know what i want to do, or at least the direction to head. 
i still have to decide what school to go to, and figure out financial aid.  that's going to be lovely. 

AND before i get started this fall, i'd really like to buy a house.  i'd like to take advantage of the stimulus fund...8,000 that i don't have to pay back?!  i'd be crazy not to do it. so i figure i need to do that before i take out all sorts of crazy student loans.   the really scary thing is leaving my job.  i'd like to say i could teach my class from eight till one and then go to school the rest of the day, but i don't know how realistic that is.  i guess we'll see.  at least i won't be working at the dr's office anymore once i start...and i'll miss it.  oh well, on to bigger and better things i suppose.  

i'll definitely need prayer, as i absolutely can't do this with out the Lord's help.  i'm a little a.d.d. sometimes and i know i'll get discouraged from time to time.  but with the support of all my friends and family i know i can accomplish something with my life.  


Brooke said...

You're a little ADD??? :o)

Sounds like some pretty big changes! I admire you. I would be too chicken to jump into all that work and stress. I know it will be good in the end though. Keep us posted on specific things we can pray for!

Melissa Gail said...

Wow Beth! I think we need sushi date so we can talk about all these new things the Lord is brining into your life! Pick a time and place - I'll meet ya : )

marti said...

Hey there! Ken was in OKC this morning while I was in KS with family. Hope you two got to see each other and visit at chapel.

We would love to have some time with you and Justin to catch up on things.

I'll be praying about school choices and buying a house.

Love ya,